Summer project 2020

“It is with great expectations that I envisage working with the Youth Orchestra Flanders for this exciting full Ravel project. Singing, dancing and of course playing this great and finest music with young talents is truly something to look forward to!
Working with young musicians was always one big luck I could enjoy during many years. As much as I want to give and offer them musically everything I can, I always have the feeling it is actually me getting richer from their enthusiasm and joy, while discovering whatever masterpiece you are doing together.
It is also a spectacularly nice feeling when you happen to observe and meet them later on, having become part of the greatest orchestras, or soloists, or singing in any opera house around the world. A glance into our future, in a way.”

Alejo Pérez

Maurice Ravel
L’heure espagnole

Alejo Pérez, music director
Tom Goossens, stage director
Haider Al Tamimi, choreography Shéhérazade

Fri. July 10 – Ghent, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen
Sat. July 11 – Ghent, Opera Ballet Vlaanderen