At the end of June, Youth Orchestra Flanders start rehearsal for a double bill Ravel (L’heure espagnole and Shéhérazade) in co-production with Opera Ballet Vlaanderen. Music director will be Alejo Pérez. Tom Goossens is stage director for the opera L’heure espagnole and Haider Al Tamimi creates a new choreography for Shéhérazade.

To complete the orchestra, Youth Orchestra Flanders has auditions for the string sections, oboe and horn.

Winds | Wednesday April 29 2020 | Orkestzaal Opera Gent (Schouwburgstraat 3, Gent)


Programme : double bill Ravel
L’heure espagnole

Alejo Pérez, conductor
Tom Goossens, stage director L’heure espagnole
Haider Al Tamimi, choreography Shéhérazade

Mon. June 29 to Thu. July 9, 2020 | Filharmonisch Huis, Antwerp + Opera Ghent (day time & evenings)

Fri. July 10, 2020 | Opera Ghent
Sat. July 11, 2020 | Opera Ghent

Musicians organize their own transport to the rehearsal and concert locations.

In 2020, musicians from the Brussels Philharmonic, the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra and the Symphony Orchestra of Opera Ballet Vlaanderen will be selecting and coaching the musicians of Youth Orchestra Flanders.
The coaches are Eric Baeten, Sander Geerts, Marc Vossen, Uxia Martinez, Nele Delafonteyne, Arie van der Beek, Steven Verhaert, Eliz Erkalp, Bernd Van Echelpoel, Anastasia Goldberg and Eline Groslot.

Registration criteria
Youth Orchestra Flanders has set itself the goal of facilitating the connection between the educational world and the professional field. The auditions are meant for students of the Belgian conservatories (regardless of their nationality or level). Talented Belgian musicians who are studying elsewhere (e.g. abroad) are also welcome to the (live) auditions (age range: 15-26 years (incl.)).

The evaluation will be carried out by the coaches of Youth Orchestra Flanders. If the student will be receiving academic credit for participating in the project, these credits will be granted by the conservatory based on the individual evaluation form that is provided by the coordinators of Youth Orchestra Flanders to the direction of the conservatory in question. For credits students should apply independently at their institution of education and preferably inform the orchestra’s coordinator.

Contact : Ellen De Bin,, +32 486 696 791